Posted by on Sep 16 2016 | AppleScript

As a side project I am working on an improved AppleScript droplet shell. My goal is to create a better AppleScript droplet experience by providing a better UI for receiving dropped files and offering a way of picking files to process via integrated Spotlight document searching (you’ll recognize this as being based on Script Debugger’s Open Quickly feature). Additionally, I want to give droplet scripts an opportunity to clean up if the user stops or quits the script.

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Script Debugger 6 Released

I’m pleased to announce the release of Script Debugger 6.

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Acorn Is Scriptable!

Posted by on Jun 01 2016 | AppleScript, Late Night Software

I oscillate between Acorn and Pixelmator on the Mac – its great to have two competent alternatives to Photoshop. Pixelmator is my current fav on the iPad Pro (there’s nothing like using it’s object removal with the Apple Pencil). However, today Acorn has me on the Mac because it is scriptable. Whipped up this little […]

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Script Debugger 6 Release Notes (6A162)

Here is an updated version of the Script Debugger 6 (build 6A162) release notes. We are very close to completion and this document quite accurately reflects the new features in Script Debugger 6.

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