SigmaSwiftStatistics for Swift Playgrounds

Posted by on Nov 24 2016 | Apple, Swift

Sigma Playground allows you to use SigmaSwiftStatistics in Swift Playgroundson the iPad.

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2016 MacBook Pro’s 16GB RAM Limit

Posted by on Nov 24 2016 | Apple, Personal

A lot has been written about how Apple’s new MacBook Pro maxes out at 16GB of RAM. Some argue that 16GB is enough for almost anyone, and therefore it is not a real problem. I disagree.

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Posted by on Sep 16 2016 | AppleScript

As a side project I am working on an improved AppleScript droplet shell. My goal is to create a better AppleScript droplet experience by providing a better UI for receiving dropped files and offering a way of picking files to process via integrated Spotlight document searching (you’ll recognize this as being based on Script Debugger’s Open Quickly feature). Additionally, I want to give droplet scripts an opportunity to clean up if the user stops or quits the script.

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Script Debugger 6 Released

I’m pleased to announce the release of Script Debugger 6.

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