bodyQuiz 1.0 Released

Posted by on Sep 26 2020 | Late Night Software

bodyQuiz is a new game I developed in collaboration with Olav Krigolson, a Neuroscientist at U. Vic. It teaches 1st and 2nd year Neuroanatomy students the structures of the brain.

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RegEx Knife 2.0.2 Released

Posted by on Sep 10 2020 | Personal, RegEx Knife

RegEx Knife 2.0.2 is available in the App Store. This releases addresses some bugs, including a couple of crashing issues. It also introduces Dark Mode support.

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Posting to a Discourse forum from iOS Shortcuts

Posted by on Oct 12 2018 | Apple, Shortcuts

I’ve been experimenting with iOS Shortcuts and I have to say I really like it. I was a fan of the Workflow app on which Shortcuts is based. While Shortcuts uses a visual programming model similar to macOS’s Automator, I find Shortcuts somehow much more usable. This post on the Script Debugger Support Forum demonstrates […]

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I’m excited to announce that I have become the new host of the discussion forum. MacScripter has been a long standing resource for information concerning macOS automation using technologies such as AppleScript, Automator, and JavaScript For Automation. Ray Barber established the site many many years ago and has grown it to the point where […]

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